Never Walk Through Your Creative Journey Alone Again.

Experience total creative freedom and confidence by joining the God and Gigs 360 Gold community.

What We Do in God and Gigs 360°

We help you design the creative lifestyle that works for you and thrive as a Completely Confident Faith-Focused Creative - because there's no reason why you shouldn't be enjoying your God-given gifts to the fullest. 

What You'll Experience in our Membership

Our community is built on four pillars we call ACTS that will give you ALL the tools to accomplish your unique creative goals. 

A - Accountability

You'll reach your creative goals step-by-step by mastering the essential elements of a successful creative business and lifestyle that aligns with your values.

C - Community

You'll get encouragement, feedback, and practical direction you need from fellow creatives on the same journey as you. 

T- Training 

You'll be placed on a path to principled, spiritual growth that will guide you toward your God-given purpose and creative destiny.

S- Support 

You'll have consistent access to all the resources and knowledge of the God and Gigs platform 24-7. 

I was in a creative rut...I didn't know how to start my new projects or finish my old ones.

The God and Gigs coaching program was a game changer for me.

Simonie Hugue
Actor / Writer / Blogger

What's Inside Your Membership

Over $5000 worth of transformational resources & bonuses

  • A easy-to-follow blueprint Solidify your spiritual foundation as an artist, master your creative market and boldly accept your mission as an artist  
  • ADVANCED entrepreneurial training  our exclusive creative business training designed to take your career to new heights 
  • Q&A Sessions (all sessions archived) 
  • Case Study Interviews with member artists who are achieving success 
  • Monthly BackStage Pass Interviews with podcast guests and major influencers who pull back the curtain on how they achieve their success 
  • Monthly Mastermind Group with fellow artist members 
  • A discussion forum to chat with other creatives on maintaining your faith in the Mainstream Music and Creative Business.
  • Quarterly LIVE training sessions by Industry Professionals where faith focused creatives can ask questions directly to the experts 
  • Complimentary eBooks of all library materials (and future books included)
  •  Members-Only Mastermind Weekend Live Events at a substantial discount 

"This program has really given me the confidence that I needed!"

 Shantel Nkechi

Vocalist / Stylist / Mode

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this individual or group coaching?

    God and Gigs 360 is a combination of the best elements of group coaching while allowing for self-guided study and individual pacing. The group will constantly provide you with new tools and strategies, as well as accountability to your goals, but the modules and videos can be accessed at your own pace and in your timetable.

  2. How does this program compare to other musician / artist coaching programs?
    Most musician / artist mentoring courses start with the premise that creatives want to make a lot of money, become very famous or gain a lot of influence. While our strategies will result in great success, we focus on the mental, emotional and spiritual foundation every artists needs to THRIVE and enjoy their pursuit of their creative goals. We employ a strong Christian worldview with the practical tools needed to stay connected with your deepest priorities, which is not something you'll find in other coaching programs of this nature.  
  3. What if I sign up and this doesn't work for me? 

    We have a 30 day risk-free refund policy in our monthly plan  for anyone who takes our courses and then chooses that it's not a good fit. We're confident that when you commit to this process, you'll see the results you're looking for, but it will require your energy and focus if you want to succeed.
  4.   I don't know if I'm ready for a program like this. I'm just getting started.

    There's NO better time  to get around fellow creatives who have been where you are trying to go. There are so many pitfalls you can avoid if you START with solid guidance and principles.

Focus on What Matters Most

In this community, we drill down to the essential mindset and character principles that most creative mentoring sites fail to address.

You're not concerned about becoming 'rich and famous' and neither are we.

Instead, we guide you toward the complete creative freedom and confidence you've been searching for. 

You share your most pressing creative problems, and this community helps you solve them.

You get the direct assistance and clearly defined steps that make success a natural product of your efforts.

If  you don’t have a proven process and built-in accountability, you will find yourself spinning your wheels and feeling stuck.

That’s why we’re here.

We remove the barriers for you.

Each day you spend working with fellow creatives in this program will reveal a new perspective and strategy that will open your eyes to new possibilities for your music, art or creative brand.

Isn't it time that you felt complete, accepted, confident and secure in your calling? 

If so, join the only all-in-one faith-focused creative training community that empowers you to get out of your own way, connect with motivated fellow creatives and confidently take significant positive steps toward a better creative life.